For the love of Film

Old School Film Sonja Quintero

Old School Film Sonja Quintero

Since I’ve been going old school lately and talking about the darkroom, and ordering film, I thought it would be interesting to find out what other photographers analog preferences are. Just out of curiosity, really.

The other day I spoke with a photographer at a gallery and mentioned that I had just recently shot a roll of 120 film. He quickly asked me which film, and I drew a blank. I had already forgotten. Besides, I felt like it really didn’t matter. I wanted to talk more about the end results, not the technicalities of the process. He immediately went into a long story about how he loved shooting on chrome. I’ve never been much into color films, so I couldn’t relate or contribute to his tale.

Nowadays, film is becoming more scarce so our options are becoming increasingly narrow. I, myself, mostly still shoot w/ Tmax and Tri-X and sometimes Ilford Delta. All of them are ok for me, though, really. Heck, sometimes, I’ll even use expired film. It’s kinda like playing Russian roulette!

So, even though I’m not usually all about the technicalities, I’d love to hear what film you adore, (or adored) and why?

Next time, maybe we’ll talk film cameras….


3 Responses to “For the love of Film”

  1. I process my own bw film. Tri X in XTOL is my primary film, highly flexible. I loved plus x for 100, sadly they don’t make them anymore, its just beautiful. Now I have to replace Plus X with Acros. Special occasions I shoot Adox CHS 25, sadly they discontinued that also, but i believe they are trying to start back up again. In reality I shoot any bw that’s in my fridge when I have to. C41 I’d like Potra, great color renditions. E6 I’d go for Velvia 50, vivid colors. But the secret behind C41 and E6, besides good film, you need a good lab.

  2. as far as black and white film goes, i recently bought fomapan when i was in prague and i quite love it but i don’t have that many experiences with black and white films so i can’t really compare it to many others. but agfa precisa is probably my favorite film, maybe also because it’s the cheapest slide film on the market 🙂

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