Etsy Dallas Spring Bash – Support Local Art




It’s better late than never, they say! I’ve been so busy this past week I didn’t have a chance to write a proper post! My life lately has been absorbed with getting ready for the Etsy Dallas Spring Bash. It’s the annual arts & craft show that the local Dallas Etsy team puts on. It’s a definite honor to be in the show. Each artist is juried and selected to participate in this popular event, based on talents and uniqueness. I’m so happy to be making my debut as a photographer in the Bash!

That being said, I think it’s really important to support local artists, to promote what they do, and give them an outlet to show their work. Each one of these artists and crafts people love what they do and to know there is a community out there that appreciates their skills and that they can make someone’s life brighter, is a lovely thing. I know that each time I sell a print on Etsy, it brings a huge smile to my face knowing that my vision resonated with someone. To sell my work to someone locally is even sweeter. There is not only the bond of a shared aesthetic, but also the bond of a community that loves and encourages artistic talents.

Dallas has really come a long way in supporting the arts. It is a thriving, diverse landscape and is growing more and more interesting everyday. I can not wait to see where this goes. I am proud to be a part of this city and its great unity of artists.

If anyone is in the area, come out to the Etsy Dallas Spring Bash this Saturday, April 27th. It promises to be a super fun event!!



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