What Inspires You to Create?

Doll Hands - Sonja Quintero

Doll Hands – Sonja Quintero

What inspires you to create? And what do you do when that inspiration seems to have abandoned you?

I feel as if I’m going through lots of mini creative “ruts” lately.  I have this strong desire to go out and shoot, but when I come home and download my images (or develop my film) I find that desire waning and fading among my ever-growing to do list. And as the images pile up in my Lightroom catalog, I feel more and more anxious about my lack of creative output. I know this added stress only serves to block my ideas, not stir them. It can be a vicious cycle indeed.

Creativity can’t be forced (most times, anyway). Seems like my best creative spurts happen when I least expect them. Sometimes, when I’m not even thinking specifically about my photography. As a general rule for me, when I do feel “stuck”, it’s best for me to walk away for a while. I try to let my mind wander, but not on stressful things, only things that inspire inspiration!

Sometimes, I literally take a walk (or a run). The great outdoors can do amazing things for the imagination. Other times I pick up a magazine or flip through some old prints. And, of course, I like to see what other artists are doing. Finding out their stories and what inspires them can trigger something in me, it can conjure up a foggy idea and make it take shape. Really, the inspiration to create can be found anywhere, if we let it be found. Now, if I could just clear my head of that insane to do list and let myself find some!

For some fabulous thoughts and ideas on inspiration, read ara133photography’s blog post:  Finding Ways to Get Inspired.


I found this in my inbox the other morning and it couldn’t have been better timing. Thanks Michael and Amy!

Happy creating everyone!


4 Responses to “What Inspires You to Create?”

  1. I know exactly how you feel….when those moods hit me I tend to read. That usually gets my mind going again on my one accord.. If I go for too long without releasing my creativity I get frustrated…lol, its nothing insane about that to do list i promise you…:)

    thanks for sharing

  2. I agree, it can be really helpful to just put everything down for a bit, go for a walk and let your subconscious mull things over! 🙂 thanks for the link, too!! 🙂 -amy

  3. Thanks a lot you guys! And thanks for the reblog! 🙂

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