Strap it On !


I really need to do something about this camera strap. Not to say that I am not a proud Nikon owner and want to show it off every chance I get. In fact, my overwhelming love for my Nikon equipment sometimes brings tears to my eyes! That’s why I’ve been hesitant to change anything about my camera. But, nothing says to thieves “steal me”, more than the bright neon words: NIKON.

So, on top of fear of theft, I’ve been thinking a bit of pizazz and individuality would be nice and what better way than to add a cool strap.

I don’t want anything too cute and cuddle. I want something that says I’m serious and stylish at the same time. Considering the precious thing it’s supporting, it must be durable, functional and strong too. Nothing more scary than the thought of my camera crashing to the hard ground.  That’s why, even when I have my camera hanging around my neck, there’s always at least one hand cradling it with love and security.  🙂

Here are some really cool straps I’ve found so far by fellow Etsy artisans:

Viveo Leather Strap

Viveo Leather Strap

strap 2

Couch Lightening Bolt Camera Strap

strap 3

April Handmade Camera Strap

strap 7

Lorayn Leather Light Brown Strap

strap 8

The Poppy Shoppe Strap Cover


And then there’s the straps that everyone raves about, Black Rapid. not exciting, but functional:

Black Rapid Straps

Black Rapid Straps



4 Responses to “Strap it On !”

  1. I love my Black rapid straps. I have the largest one and a woman’s model (don’t laugh, it’s the least obtrusive one they sell. I needed a double vest like strap for shooting live music with two cameras, and didn’t think twice about buying the black rapid. I can’t say enough about them. Great blog! keep up the good work!

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