Just point and shoot!


Just a quickie today! Life has been busy for this gal all week! But….I wanted to take a moment to say to all my fellow photogs and photo enthusiasts out there…For all our gadgets, new technologies, our zone systems, and our exposures readings, please don’t forget….Sometimes you just have to point and shoot!

There was a time when I would always carry my little Nikon Coolpix with me. (When I didn’t have the big daddy D90, that is) It was my light weight, go-to for shots of friends, family, happy moments, or whatever caught my eye at the moment. And I was pretty faithful about ordering prints of these images too. The other day I noticed Shutterfly was offering 101 free prints! Awesome, I thought, I’ll order some prints of my snapshots I’ve collected over the past months. Well, guess what? I didn’t really have any. Yikes! I’ve been so busy playing with my serious toys (ie. D800) that I’ve neglected my sweet Coolpix. Plus, since I got my Android phone, I’ve done what most of us do, take pics w/ the camera phone. And do I ever go to the trouble to get those printed?….hell no! They just sit in cell phone purgatory!

So, don’t be like me. Remember that sometimes it’s just fun to take pictures, of whatever/whenever. Try it, without any thought of meter readings, white balance or rules of thirds.  You just might like what happens.  🙂

Easter Confetti Feet - Sonja Quintero - Coolpix image

Easter Confetti Feet – Sonja Quintero – Coolpix image


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