Beckham Hotel Mineola - Sonja Quintero ,photographer

Beckham Hotel Mineola – Sonja Quintero ,photographer

I kept telling myself at the beginning of the summer that I would take more time for day trips, try to schedule at least one a month. Did it happen? No, not until this past weekend, anyway. Finally, here we are, in August, and taking a daytrip. A fellow photog and I headed out east from Dallas to check out Mineola. I’ve always heard of this quaint town, but never had a chance to visit. Along the way we saw many things we wanted to photograph, but decided to make a mental note, and stop on the way back from our destination. (Let me tell ya, this is not always a good plan!)

Mineola is the epitome of an East Texas small town. Cute downtown area filled with antique shops, tiny roadside stands, and charming, old architecture. The highlight of the trip was The Beckham Hotel, originally built in 1886. The Hotel is currently being fully restored by Connie Meissner and her husband. We were fortunate enough to run across her just as we were peeping into the windows and wishing we could get inside. She allowed us to walk into the old rooms upstairs and what a photographers delight it was! I can’t wait to get working on the photos!

Lessoned learned: explore your local treasures, big and small. And explore often.

Here is an article about the new owners and their plans for the property:


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