Chaotic Chaos

Graffiti Blitz - Sonja Quintero

Graffiti Blitz – Sonja Quintero


Things have been hectic lately, to say the least. Haven’t even given much time or thought to this little blog of mine. Being that that is my state of mind, I saw a photograph on Society 6 today that summed up how my brain and days have felt:

New York by Igor Shrayer

New York by Igor Shrayer


Igor Shrayer is a wonderful painter and photographer whose work is featured in Society 6. I can relate to the energy and urgency of this image. The chaos is beyond chaotic. There’s almost a beauty in all it’s movements. Here is what Igor says about his work as a whole:

“Modern abstract art allows me to share what I feel and think. While my paintings are an abstract shot of who I am I always hope that it touches someone in some way – giving purpose to my work.”

I think the purpose of this particular photograph is to help me find some peace in my chaotic life!

Peace out!




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