Graffiti Gone

Double Graffiti - Sonja Quintero

Double Graffiti – Sonja Quintero


I wrote about this very same alley way not that long ago. I discovered it quite by accident and was greatly surprised by all the cool, energizing graffiti I found there. I visited it quite often, wondering what new work would meet my eyes.

Sadly, this morning I found it all gone.

I’m sure it was the owners of the shopping area, who felt that a new coat of crap-brown paint would look so much more pleasant. As if. That colorful art was the only thing interesting about that dilapidated excuse for a shopping center.

I’m so sad to see it go. I’m sure some brave new graffiti artists will soon leave their mark. It’s just that, there was some really good work there, which starred in some of my favorite images. I’m so glad I found that alley. So glad I took the time to see the beauty in it and captured it, both digitally and on film.

Here is the original post on the alley:



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