Waiting for Fall

Yellow Leaves - Sonja Quintero

Yellow Leaves – Sonja Quintero

This week we’ve had a “cool front” of sorts in Texas. It’s only gotten up to about 96. I know, it’s bad when people consider 96 a cool front! Only in Texas!

As I start to go through some of my images from last fall and winter, I can’t help but feel excited (and hopeful) that the heat will let up soon and bring in some genuinely cooler temps. Fall has always been my favorite time of year. No, we don’t get the brilliant fall foliage that the East Coast does, but we still see some changes in the leaves (however brief) and we feel the welcome chill in our fall mornings.

The fall is truly a magical time of year! Leaves drop, winds blow and the days are shorter. It’s the perfect time to head outside and snap some photos without breaking into a sweat…at least here in Texas, that is! Just around the corner, for us, is the State Fair of Texas, which, to me, begins the holiday season. I’ll be there with my camera in tow!

Another wonderful aspect of fall is the gorgeous, soft light! I love the way the sunlight pierces through autumn leaves. It’s nature in it’s finest hour! I hope you take the time this fall season to get out there and capture the amazing scenes that only this time of year can produce.  🙂

If you have any fave fall memories you’d like to share, I’d love to hear about them!


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