Selfies, meh

Me and My Mask - Sonja Quintero

Me and My Mask – Sonja Quintero


Selfies. I really do hate that “word”. Almost as much as I hate “epic”. Geez… Anyway, I digress before I even get started! On to business…

This past weekend I decided to work on some headshots of myself for my website. I thought, this will be fairly easy and straight forward. Set up a backdrop, set up two lights, put on a dark blouse, snap a few and done. Nope. Not how it turned out at all. Seems like the harder I try to take a good photo of myself, the harder it really is to look good. My smile felt forced and my head felt strangely heavy and awkward on my shoulders.

Most of the shots my head is at a weird angle, my hair is sticking up or my arms look fat! I’ve got to give some props to people who do portrait photography, it’s tough to get something genuine and not portray the cliché. And when you are trying to do a straight up self portrait it can be really challenging. You might not be able to see yourself and what feels cool standing there might not translate well in the photo.

For me, I find doing more bizarre, stylistic self portraits way easier. You can let yourself go and not worry about the lens in front of you, or of putting on a grin that says, “i’m a nice, normal person, buy something from me”.

The marvelous blog by Aline Smithson, Lenscratch, once did a call for self portrait submittals that I thought was really interesting take a look here at what people turned in:


Share your “selfies” with us…if you’d like!  🙂



One Response to “Selfies, meh”

  1. Maybe your set-up is to complicated.
    Try camera on a tripod with a remote release and sit in front of a North Window – this will give you a nice soft light. You could try reading a book and looking up when you feel relaxed and just click away.
    In the old days you rarely saw a portrait with people smiling, there was a view that a smile distorts the face (though it may also have something to do with the state of people’s teeth) . I’m a believer that the best likenesses of people are captured in a candid situation, when they don’t know they have going to have their picture taken – maybe you should try to simulate that? Good luck. 😉

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