Big Tex is Back!!

Big Tex Eternal - Sonja Quintero

Big Tex Eternal – Sonja Quintero

“Howdy, folks!” Big Tex returns today!!

The State Fair of Texas begins today and everyone is eagerly awaiting the big reveal of the “new” Big Tex! He’s been the fairs iconic greeter since 1952. Last October Big Tex was destroyed by an electrical fire, but he has been rebuilt and will stand tall once again to welcome all fair goers. I was there the day before the tragedy, and was so happy I got to see him and take a few shots of the original big cowboy himself!

The fair is such a special time for me and for many Texans. I can’t wait to sink my teeth into the world famous Fletcher corny dog, chomp down on a turkey leg and get my face sticky with sweet cotton candy. But, not until after I’ve paid a visit to the new and improved Tex!

Not until I’ve said “Howdy” to the biggest and one of the greatest Texans I’ve come to know and love!

Check out his story here:


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