Arctic Blast



Ok, so saying it was an “arctic blast” that hit my part of Texas, might be a bit of a stretch! But that’s what the media “blasted” us with for four days! Yes, it was cold. Very cold – and still is. And yes, the ice was everywhere – some still is. But I know other parts of the country endure much worse. The bad thing is, though, North Texas is just never prepared and since it doesn’t happen that often, we never know quite how to handle it.

I wish I could’ve enjoyed this weather more. I actually love the cold, and snow. Ice, I’m not too fond of. However, it did offer up some great photo opportunities. But even that wasn’t enough to perk up my spirits. Because along with the lovely scenes the ice brought, it also took my electricity along with it! For four days we were without power. At one point my home temp was 38 degrees. Crazy! Four days we spent in a nearby hotel. Four days I felt homeless and out of sorts. I envied those who could still light up their Christmas displays…showoffs!

So, I pray our next winter “arctic blast” brings it stunning images, but leaves me with a little warmth to really enjoy it!

Stay warm this winter, folks! And be thankful for it!



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