Floral Galore

Floral Multiples - Sonja Quintero (image in progress)

Floral Multiples – Sonja Quintero (image in progress)

Spring blooms are everywhere! I struggle with floral photography. I really do. It might stem (no pun intended) from my lack of enthusiasm for the niche. I mean, I love (simply adore) gorgeous flowers, but when it comes to photographing them, I’m mostly at a loss.

I’ve been trying very hard, with some teeny-tiny degrees of success, to create floral images that are different. It’s tough. I’ve been doing research lately to see what’s out there and I’m mostly seeing similar takes on the florals. I do admit, I like the “x-ray” images. I’ll need to look further into those and how they’re done. And I also love the more simple, modern compositions on stark backgrounds. But what else is there?…

Anyone have or seen any brilliant ideas for flowers?

I am trying to stay true to my nature and do bright, saturated flowers, as opposed to a more vintage look. I like the idea of blending florals w/ other images or textures. I’ve played around a bit with that. But then I hit my creative roadblocks.

Maybe I just need to surround myself more with their loveliness, let their fragrance and silky petals inspire me! I need to stop overthinking it and just smell the roses! Ha 🙂



2 Responses to “Floral Galore”

  1. Well you really did very well without enthusiasm in creating a beautiful and unique image! Maybe you are better at it than you think!

  2. Thanks Denise! As I know, it’s a “work in progress!” 🙂

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