Go Exploring

graffiti art photo by Sonja Quintero

Exploring Graffiti – Sonja Quintero – Squint Photography

So, as I talked about in this post a few weeks ago, I am trying to “schedule” my creative time every week. I found it is so important for me to make sure I go out and shoot for myself atleast once a week (if not, more!) I have no real set agenda when I do this, other than I know if I’m going to go shoot around town, take a quick roadtrip or just set up a little studio in my office for some still lifes. Once I start shooting, I just try to let things happen naturally.

Last Friday, as I got in my car to drive into downtown Dallas, I really had no idea what I wanted to shoot. I found myself driving straight through downtown and towards the west side. I got out and took a few pics, but wasn’t really feeling it. Getting back into my car, I just started to drive, turning here or there with no path in mind. Then suddenly I see a flash of color down a narrow street. I quickly turn around and head down this dusty street to find this:

Dallas street photography by Squint Photography

Graffiti Haven – Sonja Quintero – Squint Photography

street photography by Sonja Quintero

Graffiti Scribbles – Sonja Quintero – Squint Photography

This kind of thing excites me! The brazen splashes of color. The hectic scribbles.

graffiti art photography by Squint Photography

Graffiti Windows – Sonja Quintero – Squint Photography

The bright hues and curvy lines contrast with the broken glass and rusty metal. I take a peak inside to see what else I can find!

Dallas graffiti art photography

Graffiti Building – Sonja Quintero – Squint Photography

I just love the vibrant energy of graffiti! And if I hadn’t kept driving aimlessly, I might’ve never found this.

So, I urge you to get out and drive (or walk) aimlessly. Explore your city or town. You’ll never know what new and previously unseen paths you might take. You never know what hidden beauty you might find. Just don’t forget to take your camera along for the adventure!

You can see some more examples of my graffiti photos here and also here.

Sonja Quintero
Squint Photography


3 Responses to “Go Exploring”

  1. The best advice I can give isto shoot, shoot and shoot some more – even if you bring back images that are 99% cr*p…shoot and learn, let your mind go with the flow as you have done here.

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