Every Day The Same Thing

Lone basket - Sonja Quintero - Squint Photography

Lone basket – Sonja Quintero – Squint Photography

Hello all! I’ve recently talked a lot about how I am trying to schedule more time for creativity, to fuel my soul and take me to a happy place that only art can take me.

One thing that has really inspired me to do this is the book, Looking into Light by Sean Kernan. Sean is both a photographer and instructor who’s written a wonderful book about learning to “see” again. It’s about Learning to open up and take in the things around you, to see what’s inside yourself and to let that show in your photographs.

He’s broken up the book into exercises, that may or may not even involve the use of a camera. Again, it’s about learning to see first, then translating that into the art. So, really, this book can be for anyone wanting to tap into their creative spirit, not just photographers.

I wanted to share one of the first photo exercises I did from the book. It’s called, Every Day The Same Thing. Essentially, the task was to take your camera and go to the same location at the same time every day for one week with no goal in mind, just see what you find.

The exercise is about creating not only discipline, but an experience for the place you visit. It’ll teach you that all work efforts can have value, can flex the creative muscle and open the mind, if you let them. It also teaches you, you should take photos, whether you feel like it or not. You never know where it might lead you.

For this work, I chose an old shopping center near my home. Believe me, there were days I didn’t want to do it. But I pushed on, hoping to find a gem in there somewhere. This was all taking place during a very rainy May for us. Yes, the pictures are dreary, but I think I found some gritty charm in all the gloom:

street photography by Sonja Quintero

Make That Call – Sonja Quintero – Squint Photography

fine art photography by Sonja Quintero

X Marks the Spot – Sonja Quintero – Squint Photography

fine aty photography by Squint Photography

Dropping Grades – Sonja Quintero – Squint Photography

fine art photography by Sonja Quintero of Squint Photography

Spot On – Sonja Quintero – Squint Photography

I dare you to commit to the exercise. Give it a try for at least 10 days. See what happens. I’d love to know!

To see more of my images from the Looking Into Light exercise, check out my profile on Instagram.

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