Photographing Architecture

architecture photo by Sonja Quintero

Reaching Skyward – Sonja Quintero

I have a background in interior design and architecture, therefore, I take lots of photos of buildings! It just comes naturally to me. But to me, they are more than just structures. They do more than shelter us, contain us. They are definers. They define space and activities. They provide form and function to our world.

It’s specifically their form that has me enchanted. In them I see complex shapes, compositions, and negative spaces. These spaces and forms create a rhythm, an energy all their own. When I go out to shoot architecture, it’s these visions and relationships that I have in mind to record and capture. It’s this sense of order and counterbalance that I want people to see, not necessarily the building in it’s entirety. It’s about capturing how the structure, itself, has changed and defined the space around us.

The Curve - Sonja Quintero

The Curve – Sonja Quintero

I love how the gentle bow of this building recedes into the sky.

Il Colosseo - Sonja Quintero

Il Colosseo – Sonja Quintero

What most captivated me about the Colosseum was the arches. In this photo I love the starck contrast of the arching, crisp blue sky against the ancient, white stones.

photo by Squint Photography

Thanksgiving – Sonja Quintero

White cuts into blue as this iconic building spirals up.

photo by Sonja Quintero

Dallas Lines in Black & White – Sonja Quintero

Lines, angles and triangles play against one another here.

archtecture photo

Up and Out – Sonja Quintero

A tight crop on this building gives the illusion that it’s sweeping up and away.

Currently, my work with architecture is finding new paths and taking new directions. I am developing a new series, that I hope to share very soon!

I suppose my fascination with architecture will always be with me. In many ways, it will always be a part of my photographs. And my goal with it, I suppose, is to help the viewer see the world as I do – a world of endless, interesting shapes and dynamic compositions. With this thought, I hope it will help you begin to define the buildings and structures around you, in a new way.


2 Responses to “Photographing Architecture”

  1. Amazing shots with great composition. You have a great eye for architecture!

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