Gift Guide for Photogs – #1

The holidays are pretty much upon us, whether you like it or not! I love it!

For me, the holidays started on October 1st with tricks-or-treats, and now it’s time to get ready for the really big treats. Gift giving is something I take very seriously. I don’t like to give a gift out of obligation or without knowing what that person is really all about. I want to see a smile light up their face when they open the package. I want to know that what they have received came with a lot of love and consideration for what they truly would like.

Being an artist and a photographer, there are, of course, lots of art gadgets and photo equipment always on my wish list, and while I usually end up buying the things for myself, a girl can always dream that Santa would one day put them under my tree!

So, in the spirit of awesome gift giving ideas for photographers (like me!) I thought I would do a series of posts on some photo related goodies that really get me excited! If you have a fellow photog in your life, or simply filling up your own wish list, here is part #1…..

(Note: I am not endorsing any of these items and don’t own any of them myself, I just thought they looked like neat-o things photographers and photo lovers would love and wanted to share!)


This camera planter by Brooklyn Global, is the epitome of hipster cool!

gift guide 1_camera planter

Camera Planter – Brooklyn Global


This ring says it like you mean it, I’ll shoot! By Spiffing Jewelry

gift guide 1_photog ring

I’ll Shoot Photographer Ring – Spiffing Jewelry


These camera straps by Viveo are gorgeous! This is definitely on my wish list!

gift guide 1_viveo strap

Monogram Camera Strap – Viveo


For the photog who likes to keep things sharp! The cutest pencil sharpener I’ve ever seen! By Kikkerland.


gift guide 1_sharpener

Sharp Image Pencil Sharpener


An awesome Bokeh Masters kit at Photojojo. Fun for everyone!

gift guide 1_bokeh kit

Bokeh Masters Kit


Beautiful art for that beautiful photog you love! Art print by Society6 artist, Elisandra

gift guide 1_hasselblad print

Vintage Camera Hasselblad Print – Elisandra


Stayed tuned in the next coming weeks for more fun gift ideas for the photo lover in your life!

And to see more of my work (and more art gift ideas!) look here and also here.

Have a great week and we’ll see you again soon!



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