Finding and Defining Your Style

Bokeh photgraphy by Squint Photography

Dallas Evening Bokeh/Sonja Quintero/Squint Photography


I recently watched a course online at Creative Live by photographer, Julia Kelleher. The subject was finding and defining your photographic style. The focus was on photography, but I know it could apply to many forms of art and life beyond.

Over the years I’ve struggled with defining my style. I know what I like and what I don’t, that is not the problem. But, as with lots of things, I can be a bit A.D.D. and I find it hard to always focus on one particular style, especially considering that many things interest me and I find lots of elements and inspiration in just about anything my eyes come across. I certainly know what I gravitate towards. However, I think my short comings are honing in on that style that I most come back to, developing it and communicating it to my audience.

Julia chronicles defining your style in the steps of the “Style Cycle” – Experimentation, Discovery, Realization, Define and Refine. The key to starting is to realize where you are in that cycle.

So, I thought I would share with you my process of going through some of the cycles. The journey seems like a fun one and is not only for people who need help developing a style, but also for those who are going through a style transition or maybe just wanting to learn and explore some new techniques.

And, just maybe, you’d like to take a journey of the Style Cycles too…

The first phase is called Experimentation. This phase is exactly that, all about experimenting and looking at what truly inspires you. Go outside of your medium, go outside of art…literally go outside! Use all of your senses. See what you gravitate towards, see what grabs your attention. In nature, design, fashion, music and even technology.

Ask yourself how it makes you feel? Why? and is it currently reflected in your work?

Make an inspiration folder, whether digital or analog (or both) and see what transpires and what truly moves you. You’ll most likely begin to see some patterns. I would love to hear about what you discover!

On my next post I’ll tell you a bit about mine.


To find out more about Julia Kelleher and her teachings check out her site.

To see more of my work and what I love check out Squint Photography


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