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Shelter-in-Photos Day 10

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Here we are! Day 10 of Shelter-in-Photos, the final day.

My hope is that these photo prompts have been a pleasant exercise for you during your stay at home. But more than that, my goal is that you have a new appreciation for those walls that shelter your lives. While this is the last day of Shelter-in-Photos, I urge you to keep taking photos. Keep seeing your home from new perspectives. Notice the little things. See the simple beauty in the corners and crannies. I hope that these prompts have helped to open your eyes to seeing unexpected shapes and interesting compositions in the treasures of your home. Honor your place, by really observing its interior spaces. Honor it by appreciating the safety it brings. Honor it by taking joy in its strong walls.

I hope you’ve found a bit of yourself at home. I hope you have begun to appreciate, now more than ever, what is right in front you, that which cradles you daily through this crisis. It is your home. A place to take shelter from the storm.

A shelter can feel more like a cage sometimes. But take heart in knowing that we are staying at home for good cause. This virus won’t last forever. We are not alone. The world is still revolving and changing out there. Life goes on. And soon, it will be safe to venture out again and gather together with our communities. Take a look outside, Spring is on full display. The world will be ready to welcome us back.

Day 10 Window to the World:
Take a look out your windows. Photograph the views. See the world going by. See the different shades of green. Watch the children in the yard. What pretty vignettes do you see? Gaze out the window and daydream a little. Photograph it. Share here or on my Facebook Page, if you’d like.

It’s been fun. I hope you’ve enjoyed the 10 days of Shelter-in-Photos! Continue to keep your eyes wide open, see the light and envision a better world.

To start from the start go, here.

Sonja / Squint Photography



Shelter-in-Photos Day 9

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So, it’s Day 9, folks. We’re going down the home stretch! That gives me hope. Hope that these photo prompts have opened your eyes to the shapes, textures and things that are in the place that you dwell. While so many plans in our lives have been canceled or changed due to the virus, we can still be grateful for the unwavering comforts of home. I am hopeful that we will get through this and that those who are steadfast will come out the other end all the stronger for it. Let’s keep our eyes fixed for the light at the end of the tunnel.

Through these past 8 days I’ve asked you to look anew at the things inside your home that make up your routines, your joys, and your spaces. Essentially, the things that make up your daily life. Now, we will begin to broaden our vision. Let’s begin to let the light in….

Day 9 Finding the light: 
I’d like you to photograph the light. Simple as that. Capture that lovely morning glow as it spills across your kitchen floor. See the shadows that light casts on a tiled wall. There is nothing prettier than evening sunlight filtered through sheer curtains. Even the warm glow of a lamplight as dusk appears can bring a sense of calm. Show me the light you see, if you’d like.

Tomorrow is the final day of Shelter-in-Photos. Catch the 10 days from the beginning, here.

See ya tomorrow for Day 10!

Sonja / Squint Photography

Shelter-in-Photos Day 8

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Shelter_day 8-2

As we are self isolating and sheltering in place, we are turning more and more to those things in our lives that bring us joy. The things that conjure up memories of such moments. As we should. Our homes house mementos of our lives. They are the security guards of the objects we treasure most. While we are constantly being reminded of the unpredictable nature of these days, we can find some solace in those favorite items that sustain our joy and spark curiosity.

At home we are surrounded by the things we love. Our favorite vacation souvenirs, the album collection passed down from dad or the vintage radios snagged at flea markets. All of these things have special connections and memories for us. we find delight in even just looking upon them on our shelves and countertops. They bring us much comfort and a sense of familiarity, which we could all use right now.

Day 8 Collect It:
Photograph what you love. Let’s see your collections. What do you love to collect? What do you surround yourself with? How do these things bring you joy? Try to capture that and honor how they enrich your life. Share the photos of your collectors items!….here or here.

See ya tomorrow for Day 9!

Sonja / Squint Photography

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