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Austin SX

Sonja Quintero / Squint Photography / SXSW 2011


The SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas is now underway. For those of you (who have been living under a rock) who don’t know about this fest, it celebrates what’s, new, hot and up and coming in interactive, film and music. For the past 14 years, I have only missed it 3 times. Sadly, this year is one of them.

For me, it’s all about exploring and checking out new bands and new sounds from all over the globe that converge on this truly eclectic city of Austin under a weeks time. Taking in the tunes was the #1 priority, but with camera in hand, so was capturing the spirit of these bands and the energy they brought to this renowned, yearly event.

Photographing concerts and bands was one of my first loves when I started doing photography. Back in the day, I shot mostly on film, as if shooting concerts wasn’t tricky enough! It certainly gave me the opportunity to cut my teeth on some extreme exposure and focus challenges. I’ll admit, though, things got exponentially less complicated when I finally purchased my first digital SLR and took it to SXSW in 2008. A whole new world had opened up for me.

The past few years when I’ve gone to the event, I found myself just getting absorbed in the music more, and letting the camera fall to the wayside. But that’s ok, because enjoying the music was always the first intention anyway.

In honor of the event, I though I’d share some of my fave band photos from over the years….Hope you enjoy them….

The Cribs SXSW

The Cribs at SXSW 2005 – Early film shot – Sonja Quintero


Sonja Quintero/Squint Photography – SXSW 2007


Sonja Quintero / Squint Photography / SXSW 2015


Sonja Quintero / Squint Photography / sxsw 2016


Sonja Quintero / Squint Photography / SXSW 2016


Sonja Quintero / Squint Photograohy / sxsw 2016


Sonja Quintero / Squint Photography / SXSW 2014


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Lovely London

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Oh lovely London! There is no place quite like it. Last November I finally got to explore the charm of England’s capital city. Of course, being on the island, we were greeted with chilly rains and grey, monotone skies. But that was to be expected and it certainly did not dampen my spirits about being in the land of Shakespeare and the Beatles!

While, there were moments during the trip when the sun did shine through, they didn’t last long and the clouds were back again. But mostly, this was a good thing, keeping harsh shadows out for my images.

We did most of the touristy stops, Parliament (which I had to go back and capture on another day since our first outing there was washed out by hard rain), Tower of London, St. Paul’s, Westminster, Tower Bridge, etc. But what I wanted mostly was to capture the eclectic energy of the city. The variety of architecture, the variety of cultures and people was quite exciting to me. I instantly felt comfortably at home in this place. I could explore for days and never get tired of it. If only there was the time! Time to see more pubs, more street art and more fashion….I can’t wait to get back there.

I’ve since picked out my fave images from the trip, but in doing so, realized how much more I would’ve liked to capture. I suppose that’ll be for next time. Until then….

Below are a few of the images I captured from lovely London…


Big Ben Blue / Squint Photography


London Reds / Squint Photography


Millenium Echo / Squint Photography


Royal Post / Squint Photography


St Paul Blur / Squint Photography


Union Jack / Squint Photography


Union Proud / Squint Photography


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Take a Stand

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Take A Stand / Squint Photography


Never be afraid to take your stand for what is right, what is just and for what you believe. That is all.


Sonja Quintero/Squint Photography

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