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Taking in Philly

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I spent a few days in Philadelphia two weeks ago and really enjoyed getting to know the town. The obviously cool thing about Philly is its significance in American history as the birthplace of our Declaration of Independence, but beyond that astounding importance there is also the fact that it is just a really cool city, full of history, fab architecture and amazing art collections.

It feels somewhat like a small town, with the cobblestone streets, row house and walk ability. I found it quite easy to get around the center of the city and even beyond (even if my feet were screaming!) Their public transportation was also quite convenient and easily navigated. Although, walking was my preferred mode of transportation, because I didn’t want to miss a thing.

Upon my arrival, I was disappointed to find out that the clock tower on City Hall was closed for renovations and the famous William Penn bronze statue was shrouded in scaffolding. Not quite the level of disappointment I felt when the Trevi Fountain was under renovation during my Italy trip, but still, deflating, considering how iconic that figure is to the Philadelphia landscape. Bummer, indeed.



I visited the places that are essential to really learn and appreciate Philly, Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell and the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I even ran up the “Rocky Steps”! Eye of the Tiger, and all!….

The importance of the historical sites had a profoundly moving effect on me, considering our current political climate. I saved these visits for my last day there, so that I could give them my full attention.



To see the views looking in, I ventured across the Ben Franklin Bridge into Camden, New Jersey to take some skyline shots looking west. If I had been truly smart I would’ve gotten out earlier that morning to take advantage of my one sunny day on my Philly trip! I also got evening views looking in from the west, but as the clouds and rain settled in, I wasn’t too happy with the results.

Below are some of my fave images so far. Some of them a bit processed, some not.


Have any photos or stories of Philly? Please share!

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New York state of Mind

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New York photography

NYC Sky – Sonja Quintero

Ok, for todays post, I’m flying by the seat of my pants! I kind of almost forgot about it, so I didn’t really schedule it. Oops! Next week, I’ll get back on track. I promise. I’ll blame it on having my head in the clouds, New York clouds, that is.

Just got back from a trip to NYC last week and I already miss it so. There is nowhere else I’ve been that makes me feel so alive. There is an unmistakable energy there that, strangely enough, puts me both at ease and stimulates me like no other place. To put it simply, I feel like I am at home, where I belong. The sights of soaring buildings, the sounds of rushing cars, and even the heat rising from the subway lines are all welcoming to the senses of someone like me, who adores the city life.

Of course the main purpose of my trip was to shoot photographs, but in doing so, I tried to allow myself the space and time for creativity and tried not to rush around snapping shot after shot. I wanted to make sure I not only took photos of New York, but that I also saw New York.

We only had three short days there, so I focused mostly on places I hadn’t been, such as The Rock, Manhattan Bridge, and Coney Island. Here are just a few images I’ve captured. I’m still weeding through a lot of the work and plan on releasing it soon here. In the meantime, please enjoy my little photographic trip through NYC…

Canal Subway - Sonja Quintero

Canal Subway – Sonja Quintero

A Chinatown Welcome - Sonja Quintero

A Chinatown Welcome – Sonja Quintero

Manhattan B - Sonja Quintero/Squint Photography

Manhattan B – Sonja Quintero/Squint Photography

NYC Color - Sonja Quintero

NYC Color – Sonja Quintero

One World - Sonja Quintero - Squint Photography

One World – Sonja Quintero – Squint Photography

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