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Something Different

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I’m short on time today, I’ve got another trip to get ready for….Philly here I come! But I wanted to share some techniques I’ve been playing around with lately. Color blocking. I’ve always been attracted to vibrant colors and I love to add my own interpretations of wild hues.

Take a look at these series of images from Rocky Mountain National Park with my take on color blocking. Landscapes are not my typical subject matter, so I was attracted to the idea of adding my flair for color and seeing them transform into something that compliments my imagery style. I hope you enjoy them!

Grey Peak

Grey Peak / Sonja Quintero / Squint Photography

Orange Peaks

Orange Peak / Sonja Quintero/ Squint Photography

Rocky Color

Rocky Vibrant / Sonja Quintero / Squint Photography

Triangle Block

Triangle Peak / Sonja Quintero / Squint Photography


Let me know what new styles or techniques you are working on. Anything new?

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Happy Fall!

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Spring Flowers

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Pink Tulips & Blu

Pink Tulips Abound – Sonja Quintero

Spring flowers. They are in full bloom everywhere. Now, I don’t typically photograph flowers. While I truly love them, it’s just not a subject that gets me riled up, creatively speaking. Maybe it’s the overload of stale portrayals I see everyday. When I do shoot them, I always try to go for a “fresh” perspective. So, today I thought I’d help you think of your own unique ways to capture pretty blooms.

Without further adieu, here are some tips on doing more creative floral photography:

Try a different perspective and composition. Instead of simply shooting some flowers in a vase or bunch, straight on, try moving around the arrangement. Take shots from above or blow. Think about using the background to create interest and texture. Or get up super close – don’t be afraid to get a little blurry!



Try unusual arrangements. Take them out of the vase or out of the bunch and lay them flat on a table. Line them up or make a random shape. This can make a more graphic statement that can feel very modern.

Rose Line


Use a different lens or filter. Try creating some special effects with a lens like a Lensbaby or a Diana Create some funky blur with a wide apeture or lovely bokeh with some lighting from behind the flowers.

Roses Sprung

Roses Sprung – Sonja Quintero/Squint Photography


Create floral composites. A way to make floral images more contemporary is to melt them with other images. If you have some skills with Photoshop you can layer the flowers with other imagery to make something truly unique.

Swim Among Tulips

Swim Among Tulips – Sonja Quintero/Squint Photography


Who says the flowers have to be fresh? I’ve always loved the look of dried flowers. So, here’s an idea, if you bought a fresh bouquet and gotten your shots, trying drying the flowers or just letting them wilt and see what other luscious images you can come up with. To me, decaying flowers can be just as beautiful and a lot of times, more intriguing to photograph.

A Rose Has Passed


Above all, have fun and enjoy the flowers!

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