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Where I’ve been. Where I’m headed.

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It’s been a long time. Almost two years, actually. Wow, that’s sad! Keeping up with a blog is tough, especially for someone who doesn’t have much of an affinity towards writing. I’ve been struggling for what I should post. I’ve been struggling with coming back to it at all. I used to think writing was something I loved. Nowadays, it seems more like a chore. Ok, I’m exaggerating, but the words do seem much harder to come by lately. But, I’m going to give it another try. Maybe focus more on visual content, than words. AND, I will definitely try to check in at least every month (or two!)

Probably what I would like to do in this first blog post back (in two years), is put up some images I’ve worked on since my last post. They’re been a lot. At least there was a lot from 2018, but not as much in 2019. In 2019 I was dealing with health issues which I think contributed to some creative blockage. I found my artistic well drying up. I felt depleted and lost focus. This year, I’m working on regaining it and getting back on track, physically, emotionally and artistically.

I’ve started rereading the ‘Artist Way’ by Julia Cameron. It’s a guide to rediscovering your creativity. It’s become a bible of sorts to many people, I highly recommend checking it out, whether you consider yourself a creative or not.

Ok, on to the visual good stuff. This is where I’ve been the past two years….

I finally went up North. The beauty that is Toronto.

Toronto Night

I’ve lounged on the beach in Galveston.

Discovered the serenity on the shores of Lake Tahoe.

Lake Tahoe Vibes
I’ve embraced the charming lifestyles of Belgium and Amsterdam.

GrandAmsterdam Bike
I visited my nations capital for the first time. And shed a few tears for our state of things.

I made it out to Marfa, Texas again. So glad I did!

Prada Marfa
I got to see my favorite place in the world again! NYC

I made a trip to Seattle for the first time. And, yes, it rained!

Public Market
Wow, putting this together and realizing how much I’ve seen and done, especially last year, makes me see how truly lucky and how grateful I am. I am blessed to be able to explore and experience these places. I am in awe of what this world has to offer. I know I’ve barely scratched the surface. I know there is so much to see and adventures to be had. I hope, in this life, I get to do some much more. And I hope you do too!

Sonja Quintero/Squint Photography

B&W or Color City?

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Hello all. So, black & white city life? Or color? What do you think?

This is actually an image that I sort of forgot about from my New York trip well over a year ago. I just came across it last week and thought: Oh, yeah, I liked this one.  I haven’t seen it in a while. How did I forget about this one?

Kind of like when you are cleaning out your closet and come across a gorgeous blouse you used to love to wear, but hasn’t seen daylight in years. Sometimes with the never-ending cycle of shooting, creating content and post processing and sharing, some images get left in the dust. Some, because I’m not sure if they are quite “worthy”, others simply because another “shiny bright object” took my attention away from what was a piece with potential. I definitely think this one has potential and I’m glad I discovered it again!

So, I know I want to go forward and develop this image further, my big question now is…black & white or color?…


In black and white, the monotones really highlight the silhouetted shapes and add a bit of mystery with the intensity and the contrasts.


In the color version, the subtle shades add life, vibrancy and gives it a heartbeat that softens the hard edges.

So, what do you think? Color and vibrancy or stark, elusive contrast? Let me know what you think!

Til next time!

Sonja/Squint Photography


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A little bit of France in New York City.

Sonja/Squint Photography


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