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Shelter-in-Photos Day 9

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So, it’s Day 9, folks. We’re going down the home stretch! That gives me hope. Hope that these photo prompts have opened your eyes to the shapes, textures and things that are in the place that you dwell. While so many plans in our lives have been canceled or changed due to the virus, we can still be grateful for the unwavering comforts of home. I am hopeful that we will get through this and that those who are steadfast will come out the other end all the stronger for it. Let’s keep our eyes fixed for the light at the end of the tunnel.

Through these past 8 days I’ve asked you to look anew at the things inside your home that make up your routines, your joys, and your spaces. Essentially, the things that make up your daily life. Now, we will begin to broaden our vision. Let’s begin to let the light in….

Day 9 Finding the light: 
I’d like you to photograph the light. Simple as that. Capture that lovely morning glow as it spills across your kitchen floor. See the shadows that light casts on a tiled wall. There is nothing prettier than evening sunlight filtered through sheer curtains. Even the warm glow of a lamplight as dusk appears can bring a sense of calm. Show me the light you see, if you’d like.

Tomorrow is the final day of Shelter-in-Photos. Catch the 10 days from the beginning, here.

See ya tomorrow for Day 10!

Sonja / Squint Photography

Shelter-in-Photos Day 3

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Shelter Day_3-1

Day 3, here we go!… if you missed out on what I’m doing start with Day 1 here

A lot has been said lately about appreciating the little things. Now, more than ever. Let’s be honest, some people are being forced into it. What’s important though, is that it’s happening. We are starting to value our time with family more. We are starting to appreciate the safety we do have. We are taking comfort in the spaces around us. We are taking adventures in our own backyards. We are taking notice and that is a wonderfully exciting and pure thing.

One of my goals with these photo exercise prompts is to help me (and you), not only see but to really take notice of the little things at home. While we shelter-in-place, now seems like the perfect time. To do this, we need to slow down because the hustle is real, even within our own walls. We go about our days not always taking the time to really pay attention to the designs and shapes we encounter every day in our homes. What would happen if we took the time to observe? How can we see the little things we usually don’t, in a new way?

Day 3 Abstract This:
Today you will create an abstract using a common object or any detail of a larger one. What new shapes and repeated patterns do you see? Does something you use everyday have an interesting texture or graphic? Capture it. See the beauty in something simple. Turn the design on it’s head. Make it unidentifiable. And then make it into something else. Hint: this is when your cropping skills could really come into play! Rotate it turn it upside down, have fun!

Share your masterpiece, if you’d like, here on my blog or on my Facebook page.


See you tomorrow for Day 4!

Sonja Quintero / Squint Photography


Shelter-in-Photos Day 1

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Shelter_day 1_4

I hope everyone is staying healthy and happy during these uncertain times. I’m sure some (most) of us are going a bit stir crazy by now. I know that some states and areas are starting to open up again, but most are following science industry guidelines and hunkering down for a few more weeks. For many, I know, art and creative outlets have been a way to escape the bleak news as well just break up some of the monotony of our days spent mostly indoors nowadays.

For those who know me and/or follow my work, it is no secret that I love to travel as often as possible. The coronavirus has upended all of that for now, as it has for nearly everyone. And I am still too grief stricken about it to start dreaming or planning a future trip. So, what is a travel photographer to do?

I have decided to take a photo trip around my home to see what I can find, to see what is compelling to me, to see what makes it uniquely mine. I have decided to find shelter in photographs! Starting today and for the next 10 days, I am going to use some fun photo prompts to explore my abode.

Would you like to take your own home journey too? What items within your home tell a story? What narratives do they say about you? What interesting shapes or colors inspire you at home?

You don’t have to be a pro to do this. Your phone will do just fine. Or bust out the big guns, if you have them. Feel free to share your images here, or on my Facebook page or, wherever, or maybe not at all. That is up to you. Each journey to his/her own. This is simply an interesting way to “see” what is within the walls that are sheltering us through this pandemic. At the least, it’ll be a nice change from bingeing shows on Netflix!

Shall we begin?…

Day 1 Comfort:
Photograph something(s) in your home that bring you comfort. It can be a childhood toy, a souvenir from a special trip, or an area that brings you calm and joy. You can take a snap shot of it. You can take a selfie with it or you can arrange it artfully, I leave that up to you. And if you wish, share it. Or not. If you choose to share, please include a little blurb about your comfort piece.

Let’s take our journey, around our homes.


See you tomorrow for Day 2!

To keep up with the next 10 days photo prompts follow my blog or my Facebook Page 

And please share!

Sonja / Squint Photography


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