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Hitting the Road?

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Marfa Truck

I am contemplating another road trip and I’m not sure which route to take. Since I live in a state that is big and bold enough to be it’s own country, crossing state lines is not always a quick or easy venture. I’ve made a few trips up to Oklahoma (our closet neighbor). I’ve gone out to Louisiana to explore New Orleans and I’ve even driven the 8 + hours to New Mexico. So, I’ve visited parts of the neighboring states and now think it might be time to explore Texas some more. The last time I made any real trip of length within the state was almost 7 years ago. I went down to Marfa and explored the Big Bend region a bit, but not nearly as much as I would’ve liked to.

When I was a teenager I used to pull out the Texas map and find the towns with the strangest names, and thought, ‘one day I’m going to visit all these towns with the funny names’. Since then I’ve been to some, but not most. Maybe that needs to be a road trip theme. Hmm…

Texas has many wide open spaces to explore. And Spring time is probably one of the best times to do it. There’s nothing like that feeling of getting behind the wheel, your fave tunes blaring from the car stereo and the open road ahead of you. And there’s nothing like the open roads of Texas.

As I’ve been deciding where to drive to next, I’ve been looking through my images from past road trips. Would you like to take a ride?…

Pool Hall

Pool anyone? This is from a short day trip to Honeygrove, Texas. Not sure if this was actually in the town or right outside it. I bet this was once a swinging place!


City Shop Athens

Get your shoes repaired in a small Athens, Texas shop. A shot from a Winter road trip East of Dallas.


Caddo Lake Soup

I made it to one of the towns with a funny name. Some tomato soup along the shores of Caddo Lake in Uncertain, Texas.



I have no idea where this abandoned gas station was, but this sign was definitely on point!


Cadillac Ranch

The famous Cadillac Ranch along Route 66 in Amarillo.



I visited one of the largest cities in the country one muggy week in the Summer. Houston is certainly inspiring to me.


…So, where to now? What areas to visit next? Any suggestions on drives to make in Texas? I’d love to hear about them. Drop me a line in the comments. Til then, happy travels on the open road!

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State Fair of Texas

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Big Tex Lives - Squint Photography/Sonja Quintero

Big Tex Lives – Squint Photography/Sonja Quintero

Ok, here I am again, writing another post “off the cuff”. I need to get it together! October is always a crazy month for me and this year is no different. Getting ready for Halloween, doing photo promotions and developing new work from my recent travels – are all consuming my time and mind.

Somewhere in between all the holiday preparations and photo editing I am going to make my way to the State Fair of Texas, come hell or high water!

Going to the fair is a tradition for me and my family. I still get the same giddy excitement that I did as a kid. Walking up to the gates, my heart races in anticipation of the dizzying rides, neon lights and my first bite into the bready sweet goodness of a Fletchers corny dog dripping with tangy mustard.

Of course, now that I’m older more time is spent strolling through the exhibits and checking out the crafts, than running amuck in the Midway. But, I make it a requirement, that I at least have to enjoy 2 or 3 rides before the night is over. I’m really a kid at heart, after all!

Each year I also try to plan an additional visit just to shoot. No indulging in fried foods, or impossible carnival games, just taking in the scenery, capturing streaks of light and vibrant colors. This is serious business!

So, in honor of our State Fair being in town, I thought I would share some fair inspired photos and art made by my fellow artists. Hope you enjoy!

Also, if you’re into this sort of thing, take a look at some more of my carnival images at Etsy and Fine Art America.

Jaclyn Burdick - State Fair

Jaclyn Burdick – State Fair

Susan Photo Art - State Fair Midway

Susan Photo Art – State Fair Midway

Drew Davis - Sunset at The Fair

Drew Davis – Sunset at The Fair

Tricia McKellar - Carnival No 2270

Tricia McKellar – Carnival No 2270

Jennifer Lee - Midway

Jennifer Lee – Midway

Modern Impressionist - Texas State Fair

Modern Impressionist – Texas State Fair

It’s That Time Again!

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SX Street Performers - Sonja Quintero - Squint Photography

SX Street Performers – Sonja Quintero – Squint Photography

Time to head to Austin for the music portion of SXSW 2014!! Super psyched about going! Part of the reason is because I was inches within not going. Didn’t feel like going it alone, But then I thought, what the heck! You only live once. And some of my best adventures have been when I’ve thrown caution to the wind! It’s not like I haven’t gone to SX alone before, but after having a good friend w/ me last year, the idea of going solo, didn’t sound so fun. After lots of flip-flopping, I decided in January to go for it! And just when I made that decision, another good friend from Missouri said she decided to go too! So, the party is on and ready to begin!

I hope to actually shoot more this time. I want to not only focus on the musicians, but also do more street shots. I tend to be shy about that…need to break out of my comfort zone, people!! So, I hope to come back w/ awesome memories, new music to explore further and great images to share.

Ok, enough blabbing. I’ve off to pack and hit the road early manana. Austin, baby, here I come! 🙂

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